Peter Collins (cannabispete) wrote in hawknest,
Peter Collins

expect the unexpected

welcome to the first ever terrahawks livejournal community!

so, its been 20 years since terrahawks first hit our screens, re-launched Gerry Andersons career, and scared the crap out of legions of young kids all across the world...

over the years terrahawks has slowly gained a cult status, and sparked many heated, deep, and philosophical debates i.e.:

"which was the best ship?", "who was the best terrahawk?", "which was the scariest episode?", "was 101 secretly gay?"

so, just to kick off, heres a selection of the best links relating to the show...

here is the place where you can ask questions, share memories, and generally fart about in a haze of 80s nostalgia...

a brilliant fan site, with some great multimedia and other cool things's unique homage to the show & some more multimedia

Fanderson, the offical Gerry Anderson appreciation society

the site of revelation films, the company that brought terrahawks into the 21st century by releasing the first 13 episodes (so far) on DVD for the first time

heres the best place to buy terrahawks merchandise... toys, videos, books, everything...

here is another great fan site, probably the best rescource for terrahawks merchandise

so, there you go, that was the first entry in the first ever terrahawks community... all honesty due to the obscurity of the show, im not expecting amazing things from this LJ, but its great to just have a little place to share musings and to just generally fart around in a haze of 80s nostalgia...

more later my lovely little zeriods x
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