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Believe it or not, a new member! [05 Aug 2009|08:32pm]

I really hope you guys are still around, 'cause I've recently discovered Terrahawks, and I want to join up with like-minded folks.
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[18 Jul 2007|12:09pm]

Happy Birthday to Hawksnest!

Hawksnest = the good folks who post here to a great extent, so congratulations of the day to all of you too.

Never give up the ship!
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long time, no see [15 Dec 2006|11:57pm]

this may well be old news, but what the what: japanese opening credits of terrahawks. very anime, very random. There's plenty more of this rare stuff on youtube too.

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Anderson Study Group (ASG) [14 Dec 2006|10:38am]

As part of our analysis of the ongoing issues relating to no one else posting here at the Hawksnest we of the ASG have decided to continue to post more items which relate to Anderson, if not to Terrahawks specifically as our way to 'move forward' in the Hawksnest.

Here is a link to a new product which represents Lt. Ellis from UFO. I don't collect figures for some reason, but if I did this would be one I would consider. Lt. Ellis wasn't just a beautiful babe, she was really cool as well. And once one finds out she was Nick Drake's sister that amplifies her coolness in a really fitting and intriguing way IME.


Convienient Wiki links for the Drakes:


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[10 Aug 2006|04:15pm]


Not directly Hawk related. I defy the Hawksnest authorities with my deviation from the topic of the community.
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Airport : 2026 Thunderbirds / Space 1999 spoof [10 Aug 2006|04:09pm]


Not directly Hawk related. I defy the Hawksnest authorities with my deviation from the topic of the community.
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[15 Dec 2005|03:47pm]

[ mood | To be Assigned ]


There is a very nice model of a ship from Terrahawks built by the owner of a new website about models from Anderson programmes here...


"Space Belongs to the Rich"
Moon Zero Two

7654321b OUT!

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Out of Interest... [29 Jul 2005|04:57pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Does anyone still post here? *bats eyelashes* Just that I'd be fairly miffed if I finally got the hang of LJ-communities only to find out that one of the most appropriate ones was no longer in use. Ohwell. *hopeful*

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DVD Pieces [27 Nov 2004|01:39pm]

Yesterday I finished a movie and watched a bunch of DVDs. Here's the report:

1) Rocky and Bullwinkle Season 2: Episode 11

R & B are still dealing with Upsidasium and Boris and Natasha are still crashing planes and ballons trying to deal with the fruits of Mt. Flatten. This series is a funny look at Cold war anxieties - as well as taking a playful look at physics itself. The Fractured Fairy Tale story revolves around the goose that lays golden eggs. The voice of the king sounds like Captain Crunch. While the animation is limited, the cleverness of the designs more than make up for the rationed movements. If anything, the purity of the vision makes me sad about far we have fallen away - culturally speaking.

2) The Complete Ultraman: The Blue Stone of Baraj

There is a meteorite down in a strange desert area. Scientific groups sent to investigate it keep vanishing, so the French (?) dispatch a representative to ask the Science Patrol for their help. The French guy does little in this episode beyond smoking a cigarette in the back of their car on the way from the airport. Fuji isn't allowed to come on this trip. The look on her face as she hears this decision is priceless. It's one of my favorite "cheerfully resigned" Fuji moments. The village in the unnamed Middle Eastern country is in view of Mt. Ararat ("That's where Noah's ship landed") and is populated by Japanese looking Turkish (?) peasants who are led by a mysterious princess (like in H. Rider Haggard's She). The monster is the beetle-like creature Antlar. I have a small vinyl version of this guy and he is obviously one of the better looking Ultraman monsters. Like earlier versions of Baltan, he appears to have "Robin Hood"-like leggings. He shoots a magnetic ray and can create sand storms. Watching him wreck the mysterious village’s palace was priceless. I have no idea where they shot this episode, but it really looks like either a desert or a deserted fairground like the one in Spirited Away.

3) Terrahawks Volume One: Close Call

This episode features Zelda trying to capitalize on the work of an investigative reporter. This plot device was also used on Thunderbirds and the reporter's demands that the "public has a right to know" is reminiscent of current debates about security. I noticed that both Tiger and Mary seem more comfortable hanging around in the cockpit of the Battlehawk than they do in hanging around their mansion. I took this to mean that they generally were eager for action. I think the Battlehawk was influenced by Chris Foss's paintings. Tiger and Mary go to intercept a routine shipment of goods (Tiger is looking forward to his lobster claws) when the land transport is hijacked. This giant, three car transport was wonderful. It reminded me of some of the best of the designs from earlier Anderson shows - huge tires (which flew off and bounced off dramatically after explosions), a high cab, and the over-all feel of actual trucks and earthmoving equipment I remember from the 70's. The Battletank was also most impressive. I loved the doomed turrets (?) in the front. they are in keeping with the Zeroids motif. Indeed, the Zeroids' opposite numbers, Zelda's nasty little cubes, came off really well in this episode. The spin around and appear as buzzing little incarnations of evil. The end of the episode was particularly satisfying for me - in that the characters seemed to be examining each other's characters and doubt about Tiger's decisions were resolved in a way that delighted me. Influenced, I suspect, by Star Trek's Spock vs. McCoy and "logic vs. emotion" issues, Terrahawks did not fall prey to the usual, expected plot points. While I studied the credits I noted, because I had forgotten, that famed puppeteer Christine Glanville was in charge of the puppets on Terrahawks. I also thought the name of the director, Desmond Saunders, sounded familiar...

4) Thunderbirds Volume 3: Operation Crash-Dive

Again with the Fireflash. This episode, which again concerns problems with the crisis-plagued supersonic plane, is a sequel to the first episode of the series. Well, who could mind when the plane is so beautiful? Lots of great shots of water scenes, lots of shots of TB2 flying around after dropping the crate (so it's hollow in the middle), lots of TB4 in action underwater. I love seeing TB2 drop a crate on the open ocean and seeing it splash into the water. Even some of the minor puppet characters look great in this episode - the annoyed engineer in the white coat, the Irish farmer with his cows, the hapless Fireflash pilots. Jeff Tracey is his usual gruff self, and I enjoyed watching the Tracey brothers play pool (while smoking cigars!) and practice their shooting in an indoor target range. Brains is referred to once, indirectly, as an "egghead." Who directed this one? None other than Desmond Saunders! What a difference between the two series! The amount of detail in Thunderbirds is staggering. Every detail is perfect. For example, has anyone noticed the Japanese art in Jeff Tracey’s office? It’s on either side of his desk. Even the sets of Terrahawks looked cramped.
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Ahoy! [09 Nov 2004|04:46pm]


Interesting community.
Thought I'd join because I like the vehicles. I have seen other Anderson shows, but never did get to see the nest.


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Introduction [15 Jan 2004|09:57am]

My name is Keith and I was delighted to find a community dedicated to the Terrahawks. I have an active LJ and usually write about the Occult, politics, art, literature, music, etc. As a new member of the “Hawknest” community I thought I’d introduce myself.

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[20 Nov 2003|01:04am]

oh hey, now all the boxsets are out - there should be a brand new super box set with loads of features.
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the scientist [16 Jun 2003|04:42pm]

from what ive picked up, it turns out theyve filmed a specially commissioned documentary reuniting the voice artists of terrahawks, which will aparrently feature on the third and final terrahawks boxset, pencilled in for release this autumn
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stay on this channel, this is an emergency [20 Feb 2003|04:48pm]

Here's the cover of the next terrahawks boxset - realeased 24/03/03. looks very cool & loaded with extras. all 3 of the following terrahawks releases are out on 24/03/03.

better art work than the last one methinks. am mucly looking forward to this one...
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this is an emergency [17 Feb 2003|11:22pm]

according to blackstar.co.uk the official release date for he next 3 terrahawks DVDs is 24/03/03
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the sporilla [16 Jan 2003|09:44am]

[ mood | sick ]

just a quicky before i return to my busy day of nothingness (im off sick - nice)...

the word on the street is that Terrahawks Volume 4 is out sometime in march :)

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expect the unexpected [15 Jan 2003|02:57pm]


welcome to the first ever terrahawks livejournal community!

so, its been 20 years since terrahawks first hit our screens, re-launched Gerry Andersons career, and scared the crap out of legions of young kids all across the world...

over the years terrahawks has slowly gained a cult status, and sparked many heated, deep, and philosophical debates i.e.:

"which was the best ship?", "who was the best terrahawk?", "which was the scariest episode?", "was 101 secretly gay?"

so, just to kick off, heres a selection of the best links relating to the show...

here is the place where you can ask questions, share memories, and generally fart about in a haze of 80s nostalgia...

a brilliant fan site, with some great multimedia and other cool things

80snostalgia.com's unique homage to the show & some more multimedia

Fanderson, the offical Gerry Anderson appreciation society

the site of revelation films, the company that brought terrahawks into the 21st century by releasing the first 13 episodes (so far) on DVD for the first time

heres the best place to buy terrahawks merchandise... toys, videos, books, everything...

here is another great fan site, probably the best rescource for terrahawks merchandise

so, there you go, that was the first entry in the first ever terrahawks community...

...in all honesty due to the obscurity of the show, im not expecting amazing things from this LJ, but its great to just have a little place to share musings and to just generally fart around in a haze of 80s nostalgia...

more later my lovely little zeriods x
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